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In the world of sodas, there are the classics like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and then there is the lesser-known Calypso. While the latter might not have the same mass appeal as the former, they are still just as good. Here are some of the best Calypso soda drink collections in Vancouver to try out.
Calypso soda has been a local favorite for over 100 years. From Vancouver Island to the Coast of British Columbia there are many different flavors of Calypso Soda that will tickle the taste buds of any soda drinker. Here is a round-up of the best places in Vancouver to get your Calypso Soda fix.
Calypso is 2nd most popular drink in Canada, the world's top calypso drink has the flavor of the month, and is certainly your best choice! Calypso soda drink is the world's number one tropical soda drink, but it is also highly recognized as a great non-alcoholic drink. Here are some of the top calypso soda drinks you need to try in Vancouver.