Coca Cola 24 Cans

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Coca cola is one of the most well known and popular brands in the world. It has a lot of unique and interesting items, but there are few rare Coca cola items that can't be found in any store. They are not made by the Coca cola company itself, but they still carry the Coca Cola logo on them, and they are still prized items in a Coca Cola collectors collection. One such highly prized item is the Coca Cola 24 cans collection. These collections were made in small runs and never made widely available to the public.

Mrwaterman talks about the rare opportunity to get your hands on a collection of 24 different Coca Cola Cans from Canada and around the world. The cans were all collected by a Canadian who moved to Japan and decided to part with the collection. It is the largest collection of its kind in the world. This blog post talks about the collection, where it is located, the different features of the cans and what else we can expect from the special exhibition happening at the end of May 2017.