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Pepsi12 Cans Delivery - The biggest beverage can collection in Vancouver. We will show you the big collection of Pepsi 12 cans collection.
- These cans were collected on the beach, under the bridge and other spots.
- As you can see in these pictures these cans are in good condition and have many different logos on them.
- They are mostly from the 1950s and 1960s.
- Some of these cans have been spray-painted over for advertising purposes.
- North Vancouver is a great place for collecting cans because of the high density of people.
- The Pepsi 12 cans are
After a long adventure, which I wrote about previously, I ended up getting all 12 Pepsi cans. I originally put them on my mantle but I got a comment from my girlfriend about how she didn't really like the clutter. I decided to put them in a small box with a glass cover so she could see them, but they were still out of the way.