What is Mr.Waterman

Founded in 2009 by Bill Chen. Waterman’s Marketing Inc. is a young local beverage and food delivery company in Greater Vancouver. As a company we provide beverages for homes, fast food restaurants and grocery stores throughout British Columbia. We are very proud of our team of dedicated employees that have helped to make our business successful. We are always working to satisfy our customers and earn the trust of potential new customers.


Where does Mr.Waterman Deliver

Mr. Waterman deliver all beverages across Metro Vancouver areas. Our customers can order at wholesale prices and we offer free delivery for orders above $99. All branded beverage products can be delivered across Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, Delta and New Westminster. All our products are shipped from our warehouses in Vancouver and Richmond.


What kind of Products are available

We have all the branded beverages including Soda, Water, Juices, Tea & Coffee along with Non Alcoholic Drinks. Some of the branded products in our store are Coca Cola, Pepsi, Evian, Nestle, Dasani and much more. You can start shopping by navigating to our menu options at Header.

Image Bill Chen Dream chaser
Image Saleem Manager distribution
Image Sean Senior merchandiser
Image Pamela Doe Delivery Driver
Image Susan McCain Packaking Girl

What we really do?

Mr. Waterman deliver all beverages across Metro Vancouver areas.

Our Vision

To provide Healthy water and beverages to our customers in Metro Vancouver at wholesale prices.

History of the Company

Waterman Marketing Inc was founded in year 2009 for supply of beverages to our Business partners, In 2021 we have extended our business to Individual.

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